Hale Selek explores generating product typologies that give a voice to the ordinary intuitive behaviors in the daily lives. The visual language of her products is defined by their subtle details and modest use of design elements. Her focus is to understand the nature of subconscious behaviors and design formal aesthetic expressions that mirror these behaviors while suggesting new ones.

The purest form of sharing her passion for design is teaching. She is an Assistant Professor in Product Design Program at University of Oregon. She graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Design in 2004 and received Master of Science in Product Design from Istanbul Technical University in 2008.

The early years of her professional design career was shaped by the industry experience of different sectors and the international design experience she gained in France, Germany and
New Zealand.

Following a natural inclination towards experimentation, enjoying details that give a product its life, getting inspired most by unexplored small moments in people's lives, she is trying to project the world in her eyes on to the products.

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